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Global Warming and Climate Change

Is global climate change really happening?

Every day the news spreads reports of new climatic records : "The warmest day since...", "The strongest storm in the past x years", "The biggest flood in history..."

Many people believe that the global climate is changing drastically because of man-made greenhouse gases; some even blame global warming for all changes seen in the weather. Others claim that global warming is "just another creation of fear mongering Greens".

The scientific consensus is indeed that global warming and climate change are happening because of human activities - Read the scientific facts...

What should be done against climate change ?

The earlier we reduce our GreenHouse gas emissions, the more we will reduce the possibility of serious consequences. Actions should include all the following:

  • Limiting our energy consumption.
  • Better thinking the layout of the cities.
  • Improving public transport and rail freight.
  • Developing renewable energies.
  • Storing CO2 underground.
  • Developing nuclear energy.
Revised April 23, 2015